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Welcome to Hallowtide 

Alone in the woods, Lumi is surrounded by sinister shadow monsters and a mysterious creature locked in a cage. Lumi's only hope to escape the woods of Hallowtide lies in the delicate friend-yet-foe relationship of the creature in the cage. Harness Lumi's ability to gather and craft resources while keeping the lantern lit to ward off the swarming shadow monsters. Inspired by Survival Horror games like Don't Starve and the timeless autumnal aesthetic of Over the Garden Wall, Hallowtide embodies the familiar mechanics of the Survival Horror Genre while also offering a unique experience to spooky game lovers everywhere.

Explore & Escape the Forest 

  • Gather resources to fuel the cauldron and craft tasty treats
  • Refuel the lantern to keep keep sinister shadow monsters away
  • Feed the creature in the cage as you explore and attempt to escape the forest 

Look Out for Monsters...

Hallowtide was made in collaboration with the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program (CMDC Program) at Washington State University Vancouver. The development team is incredibly grateful for the support and resources the CMDC program provides that allows our team to continue working remotely. We also wish to extend thanks to the Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad) for including our game in their 2021 Halloween Horror Game Marathon.   

CMDC Program | @CMDC_WSUV | PIGSquad

Showcased during the PIGSquad 2021 Halloween Horror Game Marathon.


Hallowtide_Final_PC.zip 311 MB
Hallowtide_Final_MAC.zip 321 MB
Hallowtide OST.zip 16 MB


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Such a charming (and spooky) game! I became addicted in the first few minutes of playing. The mechanics are incredibly smooth, and the environment is beautiful <3