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Huli: A 2D Puzzle-Platformer Adventure

When a mysterious force threatens the harmony of their world, Huli and Maomi race to drive the darkness away. Inspired by the charm of indie games and the engaging structure of puzzle platformers, Huli follows the aftermath of Huli and Maomi’s momentous sacrifice to preserve the sanctity of their world. Using the last of Maomi's power, Huli enters a series of forgotten places to recover the scattered fragments of their fallen companion and restore balance to the spirit world.

Discover Forgotten Places 

  • Explore a mystical world and triumph over the invading dark forces.
  • Traverse hand-drawn landscapes and recover Maomi’s spirit orbs.
  • Reunite Huli and Maomi to restore balance in the spirit world.
  • Unlock hidden secrets.

Restore Balance to the World 

Huli was made in collaboration with the Portland Indie Game Squad and the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver. The project was partially funded by the Associated Students of Washington State University Vancouver (ASWSUV).

  Huli SiteCMDC Program | PIGSquad | Summer Slow Jams


Huli_v1.0_PC.zip 251 MB
Huli OST.zip 18 MB


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Very cute and intuitive! The puzzle platforming was entertaining, and the last level with the floating mechanics was great. Love Maomi and Huli's designs as well


Beautiful game!

YES!!! <3 Huli <3 Maomi

Gorgeous site.