A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Run, Jump, Glide, Move

In a murky, urban, environment, a lone android encounters a glowing piece of technology discarded by the elite inhabitants of the upper city. However, discovering this invaluable item comes with a cost. Residents of the lower levels know anyone who acquires "upper-tech" immediately becomes hunted by Under City Enforcement Units and are never seen again. When the only viable option for evading capture by hostile forces is to run, how far would you go to challenge the system and change the world?

ParaSoul challenges players to move proficiently through each section of it's futuristic, cyberpunk inspired skyscape as they explore each section of the city. Only by obtaining pieces of forgotten cybernetic enhancements can players hope to defeat the oppressive forces mounting against them.

Escape the Neon City

  • Traverse elevated rooftops while exploring the smog-ridden city
  • Dodge hostile drones and laser-emitting turrets to climb above the clouds
  • Upgrade your abilities to overcome the city's final challenge

Ascend Through the Cloud Cover

ParaSoul was made in collaboration with the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program (CMDC Program) at Washington State University Vancouver. The development team is incredibly grateful for the support and resources the CMDC program provides that allows our team to continue working remotely.   

CMDC Program | @CMDC_WSUV 


ParaSoul v1.0.zip 309 MB
ParaSoul-Mac v1.0.dmg 354 MB
ParaSoul OST.zip 35 MB


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I LOVE the visuals, and the tracks are such bops 🎶