Enter the Caretaker's Hall 

Are you worthy? Do you possess Courage, Wisdom, Justice, Magnanimity, Temperance, Passion, Magnificence, Wit, Good Will, and Honesty? You will need all of these to challenge the Caretaker and transport Arete from the White Halls.

In this game you must navigate a series of ten quests to unlock these virtues and become worthy of Arete. Test yourself; become worthy.

Achieve Arete: Excellence in all Things 

Quest for Arete is a video game produced on the Inform 7 platform that explores the use of Interactive Fiction to tell one story, over 10 episodes, in one interface in order to foster understanding of ethical living. As a game in the category of Games for Change, Quest for Arete challenges users to think about personal attributes like honesty, magnanimity, and temperance to promote personal growth in a series of quests that are specifically designed to allow users to engage with each virtue in a meaningful way.

The game was produced by students in the Fall 2020 Video Game Theories and History class offered by the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program at WSU Vancouver. Quest for Arete was enhanced during the AdvXJam by a subset of these students and won the Crimson Award (1st place) at Washington State University's 2021 Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (SURCA) in the Humanities Category.

Quest for Arete Website | CMDC Program 

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